For too many years now, Israel’s true situation has been buried under an avalanche of lies to which there has not been sufficient response.  Many people have very mistaken ideas about Israel’s legal rights in Judea and Samaria.

We are working to change this.


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Comments from MKs and officials

  • 429900_10150540165462076_432824846_n

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

    "This report addresses the question of the legality and legitimacy of the settlements in Judea and Sumaria on the basis of facts and claims that must be seriously examined"

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  • edelstein_yoel

    Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein

    “It is very important that the Levy report by adopted by the Israeli government”

    “I called on Prime Minister Netanyahu to immediately bring the report of the Levy Commission to a discussion and hopefully to a vote in the ministerial committee on Judea and Samaria”

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  • steinitz_yuval

    Minister Yuval Steinitz

    “The government must debate, approve and implement the Levy Report in order to prevent the morally and legally illogical situation in which only in Judea and Samaria an entire neighborhood can be moved years after it was established”

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  • Shaked_Ayelet

    MK Ayelet Shaked

    “I call on the Israeli government to adopt the report of Edmond Levy, according to the recommendation of the Minister of Justice, in order to prevent unnecessary pain and destruction"

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