Ordering a personalised watch winder can be a big decision. Before you place your order, make sure to follow the following tips.

Get It Engraved

To make sure the watch winder looks and feels personal to you, you have to get it engraved. You can put your name, initials, and even a company logo on the box. It is important to choose a good manufacturer to ensure high-quality engraving. You don’t want something that looks cheap because it will not match your luxury watch. You can also give an engraved watch winder as a gift to your loved ones. 

Pay Attention to the Features

You have to make sure that your personalised watch winder has all the important features. The most important part is of course the winding mode. The best watch winder can be easily adjusted. You can set the rotating and resting time. You also can set in which direction the winder works. 

Furthermore, check the quality of the pillow. Leather is the best material and it also looks fancy. Make sure to ask for low-density foam because it can easily adjust to any wrist size without compromising the quality of the watch. The pillow has to be soft to prevent too much pressure on the watch. If you choose the wrong material for the pillow, the bracelet will be worn out over time.

Another important feature is the motor. Just like the motor in any other machine, the motor in a watch winder will produce sound. That’s why you have to choose a noise isolating motor, especially if you put the winder in your bedroom. Even though the sound is not that loud, you can still hear it pretty clear when it is put in a quiet place.


The best part about ordering a customized watch winder is you can add convenient feature. You can request that the winder is automatically stopped when you open the lid and then start again when the lid is closed. This is not a common feature in a watch winder, especially the cheaper ones. Make sure to add this feature to make your winder looks even more luxurious.


Quality must be the priority, especially because you pay a lot of money for this personalised watch winder. Choose high-quality material that is resistant to corrosion and doesn’t easily change color. Wood is the best material for watch winder safe, but you can opt for another material if you want, as long as the quality is good.