In the fall of 2012, a group of seasoned advocates for Israel came together as an ad hoc committee, with intention to formulate a focused campaign to persuade the Netanyahu Government to adopt the Levy Report in principle and practice.

Work was begun immediately to establish a Coalition, and a list of Associates of the Coalition, all standing in support of the campaign. (See “Advocates”) That important effort has already been fruitful and will continue. The committee—understanding that both timing and sensitivity to political climate were essential to achieving success—worked for a full year to put the campaign in place. Numerous consultations were held, both with political and legal experts.  

Committee members considered, formulated, critiqued, and then reformulated plans before determining with a high degree of confidence that they would be effective . It was decided that the first stage of the campaign would focus on the Knesset, and sufficient funds to underwrite that effort were raised. In late October 2013, the ad hoc committee morphed into a permanent Executive Committee for overseeing the Campaign to promote the Levy Report, and the Campaign was initiated. Professionals in various fields of expertise are employed to further the goals of the Campaign, and have already chalked up start up successes, developing the tools needed to educate Knesset members and government leadership.

Co-chairing the Campaign: Jeff Daube, Zionist Organization of America, Israel Director

Arlene Kushner, investigative journalist, political analyst, writer, author and blogger